Survival Manual for Statistical Analysis
(м ħ)

 by Byung Gil Choi, MD, PhD.



v 2.01

2016 2 2

Multicollinearity in Multiple regression analysis ߰

v 2.0

2011 6 5

SPSS 麸 (v 19.0)
SPSS ߰ (McNemar test, Reliability analysis)
MedCalc ű (Simple test, Sample size, ROC curve, Interval likelihood ratio)
R upgrade (v 2.13.0)
Excel tip ű
Reference update

v 1.1

2007 7 23

R (v 2.2.1) ű

v 1.0

2004 4 12

SPSS (v 11.0)




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Simple test

Descriptive statistics

Kolmogorov-Smirnov test

Confidence interval (CI)

Sample size

Reliability analysis (ICC, intra-class correlation coefficient, Inter-observer correlation coefficient)

ROC curve (Receiver Operating Characteristic curve)

ROC curve (Receiver Operating Characteristic curve), Comparison of ROC curves

in 2 x k table Interval likelihood ratio

One-Sample t-test

t-test (Student t-test, Independent-sample t-test)

Mann Whitney U-test

Paired t-test

Wilcoxon signed rank test

One-way ANOVA

Kruskall Wallis test

Repeated measures ANOVA (GLM-repeated measures)

Simple correlation analysis (Bivariate correlation analysis, Pearson correlation coefficient)

Spearman correlation analysis (Spearman correlationcoefficient)

Partial correlation analysis (Partial correlation coefficient)

Simple regression analysis (Simple linear regression analysis)

Multiple regression analysis (Multiple linear regression analysis), Multicollinearity

Logistic regression analysis

Discriminant analysis

in 2 x 2 table Pearson's Chi-square test (Chi-square test for Independence), Fisher's exact test, Odds ratio, Relative risk

in 2 x 2 table McNemar test

in 2 x 2 table Sensitivity, Specificity, Accuracy, Prevalence, PPV, NPV, Odds ratio, Relative risk

in r x c table Pearson's chi-square test (Chi-square test for independence)

in r x c table Linear by linear association (Chi-square test for trend)

in r x r table Gamma, Kappa (Degree of agreement)

Mantel-Haenszel chi-square test (Stratified chi-square test)

Life table method (Survival analysis by life table method), Wilcoxon rank test

Kaplan-Meier method (Survival analysis by Kaplan-Meier method), Log rank test

Cox proportional hazard model (Cox regression analysis,)

Time-dependent Cox regression analysis

Maximal chi-square method (Maximally selected chi-square statistics, Maximally selected rank statistics)

Recursive partitioning procedure (tree classification algorithm, regression trees model)


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The Comprehensive R Archive Network (http://cran.r-project.org)

MedCalc for Windows, version 11.6.0 (MedCalc Software, Mariakerke, Belgium)

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by Byung Gil Choi, MD, PhD.  cbg@catholic.ac.kr   Department of Radiology, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea.